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Amy Brown is my 'favorite' Fairy Artist. She has so many wonderful drawings of fairies, elves, nymphs, dragons and other mystical drawings. I first saw her site and paintings about a year and a half ago and I just fell in love with her art. This section started when, back when I first saw her art, asked her if I could make a gallery of fairy images and have her permission to use a few in my gallery, as time grew, I learned to make my own images using PSP and tubes found throughout the net. I came across a site who had made some of Amy's paintings into tubes for PSP. Of course you know I grabbed them! =] I later wrote to Amy and asked her permission to use her art in a graphic set I had made. She graciously said yes, [with a link back, required] and that started my first set [which I used on one of my Fairy Sections for The Site Fights]. I later decided that heck, I love these fairies so much, I'll make another set, which was used for someones birthday page [with a link back of course, lol]...and so it becomes;
The Grafix Shoppe - Amy Brown Collection.

To Visit her website and see her collection, Click here: Amy Browns Fantasy Art Collection
Use of any of these sets requires a link back to Amy Brown's Site. Please remember to do so.

Note to Amy Brown:
If you should ever stumble across this page, I just have to say thank you. For your inspiration, your imagination and most of all, Your talent in creating such a wonderful assortment of paintings that everyone can enjoy.

Amy Brown Collection
Titles of Sets are based on how Amy Brown Named the Paintings
All Amy Brown Sets have been removed!
You can find out why by going to the Amy Brown Website.

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