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Name:Jill Merritt (15 years old)
Comments:Very cute graphics, I used the lavender and lace one. I am making graphics (at least attempting) and thy arent near as cute as yours. How do you make them look so real? Thanks
How did you get here?Searched msn for java enhanced graphics and framed grpahics
Did you use a graphic set from here?
May 5, 2000 00:37:37 (GMT Time)

Comments:Fondest Greetings, and thanks for a lovely browse through your web designs! I downloaded one theme(Marbled Mauve) to practice with, and see if I can get it to work with FrontPage. (Iím very new at this.) I came here because I saw your "skins" page while looking thru that chainís offerings. I enjoyed your background framing so much that I just had to search for your homepage. Please let me know if you are available for questions if I choose to leap in to computer graphics enough to do j
How did you get here?see below
Did you use a graphic set from here?
April 27, 2000 18:14:00 (GMT Time)

Comments:Thought I would drop in on the people on the Teacups list. After all if it is on the Teacups list it has to be worth visiting.

How did you get here?teacups
Did you use a graphic set from here?
April 15, 2000 17:55:36 (GMT Time)

Comments:First please let me say that your designs are so beautiful and well done. Everything looks so professional. I have used your Welcome sign and several other text graphics with a background that I fell in love with. Hope this is ok and I would be honored if you would like to visit my American Farmer page and let me know if it is OK. Thank you so much for shareing your talent.
How did you get here?Web Ring
Did you use a graphic set from here?
March 13, 2000 22:33:20 (GMT Time)

Comments:Beautiful backgrounds. I enjoyed my visit very much.
How did you get here?
Did you use a graphic set from here?
March 13, 2000 12:40:18 (GMT Time)

Name:Michael Weems
Comments:I just wanted to let you know that I stopped by and enjoyed your site. Your site will be helpful to a lot of people. Also, a little thing. I noticed that your guestbook automatically filled in the e-mail field with "http://". I beleive that should be in the home page field.
How did you get here?When you signed up for our Associate Program
Did you use a graphic set from here?
March 11, 2000 17:22:50 (GMT Time)

Comments:I really enjoyed my visit and plan to come back again. Thank you
How did you get here?Dsigns by Teacup
Did you use a graphic set from here?No.but they are lovely
Febuary 1, 2000 06:51:05 (GMT Time)

Comments:Beautiful designs! I always love looking at the efforts of designers who are like me -- just starting and trying to "compete" with the big clipart sites and the *WOW* sites. You've done a great job, keep it up!
How did you get here?
Did you use a graphic set from here?No, I just like to look.
January 16, 2000 21:10:29 (GMT Time)

Comments:Thank's so much for the beautiful graphics, and all your wonderful help. Bev
How did you get here?from the site fights
Did you use a graphic set from here?yes, lavendar lace
January 14, 2000 14:59:23 (GMT Time)

Comments:Loved the sunflower set, tried to download a copy using 'Gozilla', but couldn't contact server. I'll try again at another time. Keep up the nice work.
How did you get here?webring
Did you use a graphic set from here?tried to, but couldn't
December 22, 99 06:42:24 (GMT Time)

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