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Mountains Myst

This page was created for use with a 'mouseover' javascript by Stefan Koch.
To make this page work, you can use the mouseover javascript or you can use this set without it.
When using his mouseover script, just follow the directions and replace the 'image.gif' with your images.
To make the page work without the javascript, when you place your imagemap, be sure to put it into a table with cellspacing=0 and cellpadding=0 as well. This will keep the spaces out of your imagemap.

Font Face: Scythe 28 Bold
EyeCandy3: Inner Bevel
Drop Shadow: 85%.6.4.4
No Blank Buttons with this set
due to the mouseover effect
Download Graphic zip file HERE.

Mountain Myst Counter Digit Set
Download Counter Digit zip file HERE.

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MouseOver Script from Stefan Koch - Voodoo's Intro to JavaScript

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